Younique Product Spotlight: Beachfront Body Bronzer

The Younique Beachfront Body Bronzer lightly tints your skin for a glowing, sun-kissed look. Unleash your inner beach-bar with a shimmery, instant bronzer for your whole body. Nourishing oils and antioxidants pamper the skin, leaving it moisturizer and softer than before. I’m pretty sure the sun can’t do the same ☀️

How to:

  1. Apply a generous amount of the body bronzer to one part of the body at a time
  2. Blend until the sheer bronze color is even
  3. Finish by washing your hands

What’s your color?

  • Sunset: fair skin
  • Hermosa: medium skin
  • Malibu: dark skin

Why you will love it:

  • Contains coconut oil to condition skin
  • Green tea extracts help to protect skin
  • Vitamins and Shae butter nourish skin 

Coming soon!  Check out my website to order >>


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