I Support Friends Who Sell Stuff

  My newsfeed is full of people selling stuff: clothes, jewelry, makeup, oils, bakeware, skin care, etc. And you know what? I couldn’t be more thrilled for them ☺️. I would much rather support my friends and family than faceless corporations. In this age of social commerce, 74% of consumers rely on social media to inform their purchasing decisions. Over the past few months I’ve come to realize that network marketing is all over my newsfeed because IT WORKS! Our friends are able to earn real income by sharing great products with their contacts! If this makes you roll your eyes, then perhaps you are feeling a tinge of regret about missing the boat. Even if you never purchase anything from your friends, I encourage you to support their business by liking and commenting. 

🎉Shout out to all my friends in network marketing! You guys are living and achieving the dream! If you agree, comment below and share something about your business!


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