Younique Product Spotlight: Beachfront Self-Tanning Spray

With Younique Beachfront Self-Tanning Spray, you can build a light and summery tan–without the sun. ☀️ Instead of tan lines and sunburns, say hello to soft, glowing skin. It is formulated with a light fragrance, eliminating the signature self-tanner scent. Go ahead. Love your skin. Your skin will love you back. 

How to apply:

  1. Spritz onto clean, exfoliated skin
  2. With the Beachfront Body Applicator, blend evenly into skin
  3. Let dry before getting dressed
  4. Finish by washing and squeezing out the applicator


  • Can be applied as often as preferred, with results intensifying with more frequent use (tan will last until the skin
    naturally exfoliates, typically in approximately one week).
  • Having a self-tan does not provide sun protection. The FDA recommends using sunscreens with broad-spectrum SPF
    values of 15 or higher regularly and as directed. 

Why you will love it:

  • Contains coconut oil to condition skin
  • Green tea extract helps to protect skin
  • Vitamins and Shae butter nourish skin

Available to purchase individually or in the Trendsetter Collection or Beachfront collection. 

Link to order >>


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