Younique Product Spotlight: Precision Eyelash Curler

Good morning!  I’m still continuing my series of Younique Product Spotlight to introduce you to the newest products Younique released for retail on March 1.  Be sure to check out my other posts for other products!

This maximizing curler is the place to start when it comes to getting voluminous lashes with long-lasting curl. Made with a flexible silicone pad, this curler is safe and gentle on lashes. Hurry and take your lashes from “blah” to “yah!” with one quick squeeze with this handy tool. 

How to use:

  • Begin with clean, dry and bare lashes. 
  • Open the curler and with your eye open, place your upper lashes between the two sides. 
  • Slowly close the curler at the root of your lashes and hold for several seconds. 

Check out my website for more information about this super handy tool:


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